Forgiveness and the Youth

When you forgive, you set yourself free. When you give yourself permission to let go of anger and embrace laughter, hope, and goodness, you’re releasing yourself from the shackles that bind you, and are embracing freedom. Check out this video.

  Moving from the Impossible to the Possible

It's possible in your life to move from the impossible to the possible. It truly is. At 67 years young, with proper training, I dead lifted 200 pounds!!!!!!

  Facts about Bullying by Gloria Lockhart

The topic of bullying in schools and cyberbullying among school-aged children continues to be in the news. Recently, two children were arrested on suspicion of bullying a child who committed suicide. Certified Life Coach and Author, Gloria Lockhart is an expert on bullying and tells us what to watch for in kids being bullied and kids who are might bully.

  Radio Broadcasts

Gloria has also been interviewed on the following radio stations:

October 26, 2013
Saturday Night with Esme Murphy: Bullish Effects

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