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Certified Life Coach

Your life can feel like climbing a mountain. Find the potential YOU have to reach the summit. Discover your potential today. Let me show you how! --- Gloria Ewing Lockhart

Gloria is a Certified Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Author from the Harbor area of Los Angeles. As a Life Coach, she will help you with tools to thrive, transform, and live to maximize your personal and professional potential.

With the significant increase in abuse and bullying across the country, Gloria specializes in coaching those who have been affected by these epidemics. Gloria will assist you to overcome your challenges, enhance your skills, establish goals and accomplishments, and find the creativity that you naturally possess.

Gloria will help you identify new ways to improve your quality of life. She will guide you into exploring answers, look at what is occurring in your life today, and your desires for the future. Her specialization and mission as a Life Coach is to inspire people who have lived with abuse and bullying to move forward into an empowered future. She offers one-on-one coaching in a pleasant office setting, by phone or through Skype. Gloria is also available to conduct workshops on bullying in partnership with schools, organizations, the faith community, and with other stakeholders.

During Anti-Bullying month, Gloria was invited to speak on numerous radio shows across the country to address the growing issue of bullying. She has written poignantly in her own memoir, Unmasking: A Woman’s Journey, about her childhood experiences with bullying. One of her experiences was so tragic that she was rushed to the ER where doctors said she had come close to losing an eye. However, the remaining facial scar of that traumatic experience reminds her of the importance of advocating against bullying.

At nearly 69 years-old, I am blessed to finally be able to do pull-ups without a band—thanks to my trainer Ernie at Bodyrocc Crossfit. To some, that might be a minor success, but to me, it was an amazing accomplishment. We all have goals that we want to accomplish and dreams we have yet to achieve. No matter your age or background, YOU’VE got what it takes to accomplish great things. The one big question we ALL have struggled with is: HOW? How do I unlock MY potential? How do I go from having potential to living MY purpose? As the holidays approach us, I would like to speak to your group, school, university, church, or conduct a workshop on the “Seven Ps to Unmasking Your Fullest Potential.” Based on my memoir, Unmasking: A Woman’s Journey, my earlier years were blemished with abandonment, adoption, bullying, sexual abuse, low self-esteem, and domestic violence, but with God’s guidance, I held onto dreams. Today, I would like to share my story and inspire YOU or others to reach YOUR/their dreams.


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“Gloria Lockhart has a unique ability to help empower and motivate others by sharing her personal story of perseverance and offering strategies for success. She has helped me break through mental blocks and reject the negative thinking that has been an obstacle to reaching my goals.”


"Gloria Lockhart's knowledge, expertise and motivation is a valuable asset to any organization wanting to improve relationships. Students at Taper Avenue Elementary school were given tools to end bullying and become part of the solution.  Through her personal experiences she was able to connect with our students and parents, which will help us end negative behaviors that lead to bullying.”
Steven Skrumbis
Taper Avenue Elementary School


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