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Gloria is a Certified Life Coach, Inspirational Speaker, and Author from the Harbor area of Los Angeles. As a Life Coach, she will help you with tools to thrive, transform, and live to maximize your personal and professional potential.

With the significant increase in abuse and bullying across the country, Gloria specializes in coaching those who have been affected by these epidemics. Gloria will assist you to overcome your challenges, enhance your skills, establish goals and accomplishments, and find the creativity that you naturally possess.

“Your life can feel like climbing a mountain.  My job as a Life Coach is to show you the potential you have to reach the summit. Discover your potential today through Life Coaching.” ---Gloria Ewing Lockhart



Unmasked: A Woman's Journey by Gloria Ewing Lockhart


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A Memoir of Courage, Hope, Forgiveness, and Healing

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Gloria Ewing Lockhart intimately chronicles the road to forgiveness in her memoir, Unmasking: A Woman’s Journey. Her widespread roots began in the segregated South and are revealed as she examines how to triumphantly free herself of confining roles and overcome societal pigeonholes. Her upbringing was scarred by divorce, abandonment, adoption, molestation, and bullying. Through a very personal journey of memory and miles, she sheds her negative mantras along with a multitude of obstacles threatening her life and livelihood.

Unmasking: A Woman’s Journey is a blueprint for people seeking to transform their lives and become the champions of their own story.


I am a 1972 graduate of Eastern Michigan University, who was born and raised in the greater Lansing area. At that time, I attended primary and secondary school with another EMU graduate, Gloria Ewing Lockhart. We both participated in track and field while at Eastern, although her involvement was limited on the collegiate level due to there not being an intercollegiate women’s track and field team during our time as student-athletes. But she was very much connected to the elite women’s running circuit that existed at that time---and a stellar runner within those circles. “Unmasking: A Women’s Journey” is a great read and one that has already proven to be helpful to those who have gone through similar life circumstances.
Marvin J. Lynch
Director, Compensation & Performance Management
Office of Human Resources
Howard University Hospital

"What a great book.  What an amazing story.  Thank you for having the courage and strength to share it with others.  You have given so much of yourself, and I am very proud of you.  I so much love your wisdom regarding forgiveness.  You are correct.  A burden grows heavier with each extra moment that we carry it with us.  I recognize that I have some unfinished, forgiveness work to complete thanks to you.  Obviously, I did not want to put down the book.  Embarrassingly, it’s probably the first book that I’ve read in more than twenty years, but well worth the wait."

“Through candid speech and blatant honesty, Lockhart’s triumphant memoir captures the true essences of resilience and forgiveness…truly an example for our youth to follow.”
Lisa M. Richardson, M.D.
Pediatrics/Adolescent Medicine
Staff Physician
University Park Student Health Center

“Indeed this was a book that needed to be written…to share a process that many women and men could employ—a best practice for shedding hurtful family secrets. Your journey was beautifully painted like the movie Forrest Gump, but with depth and realism. I agree that many of us should share our life’s journey once we’ve attained enlightenment, as you have. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing."
Constance L. Jackson
Author, writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur
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